Promoted and organized by the Venice Sustainability Foundation (VSF), the Biennale della Sostenibilità – The MOSE era was an event for reflection and international discussion on the issues of sustainable development of the territory, starting from the experiences gained in Venice and/or for Venice.

Through a dense program of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and visits, spread across several locations, the Biennale della Sostenibilità 2023 aimed to achieve multiple objectives:

  • sharing the best practices of urban sustainability that emerge from our territory;
  • discussing with others, in other parts of the world, who are facing similar challenges;
  • positioning Venice as a place of exchange of international best practices of integrated sustainability and the Foundation as the “home” of such exchange;
  • highlighting the centrality of innovation and technology in favor of sustainability.



The Biennale della Sostenibilità 2023, scheduled in Venice from June 1 to November 25 2023, placed at the center of the debate the technological and environmental success of the MOSE system, demonstrating since 2020, how it can effectively protect the city and its surroundings from extreme tidal events, while maintaining a balance with the delicate environmental system of the lagoon.

The MOSE was discussed in three ways:

  • as a complex work of defense of a territory of global importance;
  • as an enabling factor for a full planning of the socio-economic development of the territory defended from water;
  • as a solution that allows to gain the time necessary to design the infrastructure that will protect these places when even the MOSE will no longer be functional to the purpose.

The aim of this edition, called “The MOSE era”, was to propose to the world the Venetian experience as a concrete example of integrated sustainability, replicable in the future in other places of the planet.



November 9, 2023
Teatro Goldoni | Venice

On the road with the Bank of Italy

The economy and its links to the social and urban fabric are the focus of the side event of the…
CONFERENCEBiennale della sostenibilità
October 13, 2023
Capannone Assemblee sindacali del Petrolchimico, Via Bottenigo (angolo Via F.lli Bandiera) | Venezia Marghera

The Hydrogen supply chain in Veneto: state of the art and development prospects

For details contact: Thanks to its storing and transporting capability, thus addressing intermittent renewable sources limitations, hydrogen plays an…
October 7 - November 12, 2023
Every day from 10 am to 5 pm
Palazzo Loredan, Campo S. Stefano 2946 | Venezia

Venice and Science: Two Centuries of Sustainability

The urban transformation of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, driven by scientific and technological progress, shaped European cities. This metamorphosis…
ExhibitionSIDE EVENT
August 30, 2023 - January 7, 2024
Le Stanze della Fotografia | Venice

Paolo Pellegrin. L’orizzonte degli eventi

©PaoloPellegrin/MagnumPhotos This side event of the Biennale della Sostenibilità 2023 – L’era del Mose is the photo exhibition “Paolo Pellegrin.…
July 21, 2023
Iuav University | Venice

Protecting coastal cities from sea level rise

More than two-thirds of the world’s major cities are coastal cities, vulnerable to sea-level rise and extreme weather events. The…