Copertina numero speciale Fortune Italia - Venezia Capitale Mondiale della sostenibilità
“MOSE Italian ingenuity”
monographic issue Fortune Italy


make up the
partnerhip of the Foundation

the operational protocol for sustainable bonds has been developed and published

the project Target Scenario has been launhed with the observatory on urban sustainability

as part of the 2023
Biennale della Sostenibilità

at the events and seminars organised and/or endorsed by the Foundation

facilitated the entrance of Venice in the UN Making Cities Resilient 2030 Global Partnership as Resilience Hub

promoted the activities of the VeniSIA accelerator

Mapping the H2 supply chain in Veneto” with 250 companies involved, has been published

at the exhibition “Venice and science: two centuries of sustainability

annuncement at COP28 of the “Venice H2 Forum 24

published the monograph
Fortune Italia
MOSE: italia ingenuity

the project Venice City Campus has been launched with the Water Cluster

The Venice Sustainability Foundation / Fondazione Venezia Capitale Mondiale della Sostenibilità pursues the objective of creating an integrated model (environmental, economic, social) of sustainable development for the City of Venice and its metropolitan territory, that can revitalize the local social economy while ensuring the protection and preservation of the environmental, historical and cultural heritage, as well as the strengthening and cohesion of the local community. The Foundation becomes the tool through which the Members intend to cooperate to make the City of Venice a reference for the quality of urban life that can be an inspiration for other national and foreign realities, in this sense World Sustainability Capital.

Chaired by Professor Renato Brunetta, with Luca Zaia and Luigi Brugnaro as Vice-Presidents, the Foundation is composed of a structured partnership of institutions, associations and large public and private companies, interested in working for the sustainable future of the City and its territory.

The Foundation’s sphere of activity revolves around 9 key themes that are relevant for the sustainable development of Venice.
Each theme – interdependent on each other – is brainstormed among partners to define the projects that the Foundation will carry out.