Start Venice UP



The Start Venice UP project, coordinated by Confindustria Veneto SIAV, Università Iuav di Venezia and Strategy Innovation, of whom VSF is partner, has the goal of making Venice a center of excellence for promoting, supporting and maintaining new business initiatives that put at the center of their principles sustainability, the adoption of processes pertaining to a circular economy, the careful use of resources and the capacity of adapting to climate change.

Thanks to project initiatives, Venice becomes an open space laboratory for the creation and implementation of an ecosystem made up of innovative businesses and startups capable of supporting the development, the testing and the scalability of entrepreneurial ideas and technological and innovative solutions for facing global challenges starting from a local dimension: the “Venice HUB”.

The project is supported by the REGIONAL PROGRAMME FSE+ 2021-2027 – Priority 2 Education and training – DGR n. 727 del 22/06/2023 VENEZIA I.C.O.N.A. INTELLIGENZE, COMPETENZE, ORGANIZZAZIONE PER UNA NUOVA AUTENTICITÀ – Approved through DDR nr. 1584 on the 28/11/2023 for a public funding of € 249.908,00


Start Venice UP aims to offer consulting services, education and workshops useful for the validation of a business idea until the founding and growth of the new enterprise.

Such services are addressed to the whole population (unemployed, employed, self-employed, students) with the goal of attracting and developing in Venice new entrepreneurial activities, increasing the employment rate in the territory and generating economic value and positive change for the environment and society.

The activities are divided into three different phases:

  1. Promotion: conferences on processes for the generation of ideas, sectors to implement in Venice, creation of a team, competences matching, launching of territorial networks;
  2. Development and training: courses,workshops, project work, individual consulting for the conversion of ideas into startups, market launch, design thinking, validation of business model, capital collection, presentation of the idea of business;
  3. Enterprise launch: individual mentoring and consulting for examining in depth the entrepreneurial Venetian sector, defining business and market strategies on a domestic and international scale.

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